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What is the format of a UTS match?

Each match consists of four quarters of 8 minutes + the time of a hypothetical Sudden Death.

The timer stops during the 3-minute changeover at the end of each quarter.

The 1st player to win 3 QTS wins the match. If both players are tied at 2 QTs apiece, the 5th QT is played in a ‘“Sudden Death’” format.

The “Sudden Death” is a dramatic cliffhanger where the first player to win two consecutive points wins the match. Every point from the second point onwards is a match point during the Sudden Death.

There is no warm-up: Players enter the court and the match starts straight away

During the quarter, Players serve two points each : player A serves for two points, then player B serves for two points, then player A serves for two points again, etc.

As a major change designed to reduce down time and create more rallies, UTS players are allowed one-serve only per point : missing the serve results in losing the point.

Finally, the “No-Let” rule during serve will be in effect.

What are the rules of a quarter?

Each quarter lasts 8 minutes of regular time + quarter points at the end. During the 8 minutes of regular time, players score as many points as possible (with a tie-break counting style).

At the end of the 8 minutes, quarter points are played, and the leader has an advantage: he must only score one more point to win the quarter.

On the other hand, the challenger can try to fight back: he must draw level without losing a single point. If he manages to do so, a deciding point is played to award the quarter.

Example: after 8 minutes, player A leads by 13-9… then the first player to 14 wins the quarter.

If regular time expires on a tie, a deciding point is immediately played to award the quarter.

What is the 15-second shot clock?

A 15-second shot clock between two points will be used (the 15 seconds start when the umpire announces the score). If a player takes more than 15 seconds to serve, he receives a warning the first time, then a point penalty for each subsequent violation.

How can bonus cards be used?

To make the matchups even more exciting, we’re introducing a bonus card.  Each player can decide to use this bonus card once per quarter, during the regular time only. The “Next point counts x3” effect applies only for the player who uses the card. And only for the very next point.

Is coaching authorized?

Coaches will be on the player’s bench all match long and will be allowed to coach at any time during the match, except during the point. As coaches are equipped with microphones,  all coach-player interactions must be conducted in English otherwise the player receives a point penalty.

How has UTS reinvented the relationship between fans and players?

UTS aims at redefining the relationship between fans and players during matches. Each player is equipped with a headset during the changeover so that he can talk to his coach, his fans, and answer questions from an interviewer.

Moreover players can talk to each other during the match, except during the points. They are allowed to say anything, except insults and name-calling. Finally, fans can express themselves during the match, even during the points. No more silence, let’s make some noise to support UTS Players!