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until UTS New York

The UTS All Star Skills Challenge is a one-of-a-kind event that sets the scene for the whole UTS tournament as it takes place just before the first match of the DAY 1 session. The 8 UTS players will compete in exciting mini games designed for them to test and display their most impressive skills.

These mini-games are an opportunity for skillful players to demonstrate their most amazing abilities, for which they can be rewarded with UTS race ranking points. It is also a unique moment for all the tennis fans to appreciate their favorite players hitting incredible shots, performing hypnotic precision drills, and of course trash talking each other.

How to attend ?

The UTS All Star Skills Challenge is comprised in the DAY 1 session, for which tickets can be purchased hereafter:

  • UTS New-York (Day 1 : All Star Game + 4 matches)
  • UTS Frankfurt (Day 1 : All Star Game + 2 matches)
  • UTS London (Day 1: All Star Game + 4 matches)

Check out the video !

Every sponsor gets free invitations to the UTS All Star Skills Challenge

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