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What is the UTS Race Ranking?

The UTS League is composed of 2 types of events : Regular Events and 1 Grand Final.

The UTS League has its own “UTS Race Ranking” system based on each Regular Event’s results.

After each of the Regular Events, the following points are distributed to the players, and the UTS Race Ranking is updated.

Winner20 points
Finalist15 points
Semi-finalist11 points
Eliminated in Round Robin with 2 victories8 points
Eliminated in Round Robin with 1 victory6 points
Eliminated in Round Robin with no victory4 points
Extra point : All Stars Skills Challenge victory1 point

This ranking will be used as one way to determine the players that are qualified for the UTS Grand Final.

What is the UTS Grand Final and how to qualify ?

The last event of the league is the “Grand Final event” where the winner is crowned “UTS WORLD Champion”. 8 players are competing for this title. There are three ways to qualify for the UTS Grand Final :

  • – Winning a regular event : Each Winner is directly qualified
  • – UTS Race ranking qualification : top 3 players in the race ranking (excluding winners of UTS Events)
  • – At least 2 wild cards will be distributed