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“One of the players I loved the most was David Ferrer. He was my absolute opposite!!” – Benoit Paire

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French tennis star Benoit Paire reveals that he does not have the ability to work as hard as some of his peers on the tour and that he would have quit the sport if he was forced to train for longer hours.

The talented Frenchman, better known as ‘The Rebel’ on the UTS Tour, has some of the best shots in the game but has often been criticized for his work ethic, was part of a discussion with countryman Gael Monfils and French coach Patrick Mouratoglou during UTS Youtube video All on the table in which he gave an insight into his mindset about working hard.

“People tell me, “With your talent, you could have..!!” Man, if I had worked harder, to get a little more, I would have stopped. The efforts that all the players do. It is above my skills.”

Paire admitted that he respects players who put in their while and soul into their careers, especially former world No 3 David Ferrer, who he described as his exact opposite.

“I’m a fan when I look at the players who work hard. When I see the other players at the gym, doing fitness to gain muscle. These guys have my absolute respect. One of the players I loved the most was David Ferrer. He was my absolute opposite. When I saw him work, I found that marvellous. That’s the point. I just can’t do that. I just cant. Take me for one hour of hard work, my quick feeling will be “I will stop and I will stop now. I don’t think I can repeat that on a daily basis.”

Despite his drawbacks, Paire continues to be a crowd-puller and will be one of the main drawcards when the UTS circuit hits Frankfurt in mid-September.

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