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“I knew there would be a lot of spectacular points” – Mouratoglou on UTS Oslo final

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Bren Gray
Oslo 2024

The 2024 season of UTS is officially underway, with UTS Oslo taking place over the weekend. With Andrey “Rublo” Rublev becoming the first player to win two titles on the UTS tour, founder and chairman Patrick Mouratoglou shared his thoughts on the event’s final match.

“The final was great. I thought the final would be great, because they’re two incredible players with Andrey Rublev and Alex de Minaur,” said Mouratoglou, who founded UTS in 2020 as a means of engaging younger tennis fans. 

“Together I know their games fit well and I knew both guys would try to play extremely fast. That’s just how they play. I knew there would be a lot of spectacular points,” he continued. “Also because The Demon, the way he moves on the court is unbelievable. And we had what we expected. Incredible rallies, fast pace all the time, pick-ups that were crazy from The Demon.”

“We didn’t know who’s going to win. It was very close and a player was winning a quarter and suddenly the other one was catching up with him. So a lot of suspense, which is what we want, level of play and suspense.”

Mouratoglou pleased with extremely high level at UTS Oslo

Overall, Mouratoglou shared that he was very happy with the level of UTS Oslo, and was particularly impressed with the Norwegian fans. 

“The first takeaway from this edition in 2024 in Oslo is the crowd, the atmosphere. UTS is so much about that, about the connection between the players and the crowd. In this regard, it was an incredible edition. The crowd was very, very involved,” explained Mouratoglou. 

“It was our first time in Oslo, in Norway – it was also my first time in Norway and I didn’t expect the crowd to be so into it, and I think it was an incredible success thanks to that. The crowd was involved everywhere UTS went. But I think this crowd, also because Casper Ruud was here as a local hero, brought something extra.”

UTS Oslo was the first of four events planned for 2024, with events planned for North America and Europe, as well as a Grand Final to round out the season.