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until UTS New York
The Virtuoso

Richard Gasquet

37 age
UTS rank

Player description

Date of Birth: 6.18.1986

Place of Birth: Beziers, France 

Nationality: French

Height: 6’0”

Career-high ranking:

Best Grand Slam performance: Wimbledon semi-finals, 2007, 2015; US Open semi-final, 2015

UTS Appearances: UTS1 | UTS2 | UTS3 


Style and Personality: 


For two decades Richard Gasquet has been one of the leaders of French tennis, a supremely talented ball-striker known for his gorgeous one-handed backhand, which is one of the best – and most beautiful – in history. 


When it was announced that the former world No 7 would be taking his talents to the Ultimate Tennis Showdown, not many suspected that he would become one of the best players in UTS history. 


But that would turn out to be the case. 

UTS History

Gasquet didn’t win a UTS title but he did manage to reach the semifinals at the first two Ultimate Tennis Showdowns, and then played the final at UTS3 in Antwerp. 

“This format is perfect for me,” Gasquet joked at one point, before ironically adding, “I’m better here than at ATP tournaments. I will stop ATP and only participate in UTS!”

Gasquet loved being part of the refreshing UTS format, and it showed in his performance. 

“The Virtuoso” will play in UTS Seoul, from November 30 to December 3.