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until UTS New York

What are the rules of a UTS event ?

All UTS events (Regular Events & Grand Final event) will follow the same format:

❖ 8 players line-up

❖ 2 groups of 4 players (Group A / Group B)

❖ The best two qualify for the Final Four (semi-final & final)

How are the final group standings determined ?

The final standings of each group are determined by :

❖ Highest number of wins

❖ Highest number of matches played

❖ Head-to-head results if only two players are tied

If three players are tied, then: 

a) Best quarter average (won quarters – lost quarters)

b) Best point average (won points – lost points)

c) Lucky draw

How is an event scheduled?

UTS events (Regular Events & Grand Final)  will follow a typical schedule plan over the three days of competition:

  • Friday: 6 round robin matches, featuring all 8 players 
  • Saturday: 6 round robin matches, featuring all 8 players
  • Sunday: 2 semi-final matches followed by the final