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Gael Monfils and UTS – A Match Made in Heaven

It’s rare to find a tennis fan who doesn’t adore Gael Monfils.

There’s something about the 36-year-old Frenchman that is simply captivating. Perhaps it’s his extreme athleticism, leaping from corner to corner and making outrageous shots on a consistent basis.

Or maybe it’s Monfils’ relentless showmanship, always engaging the crowd with passionate gestures and a grin on his face.

Whatever it is, it’s something that UTS is seeking to channel in their new brand of tennis.

Why UTS is Perfect for Monfils

The average tennis fan is 61 years old, and not getting any younger.

While tennis is a globally popular, brilliant sport, the reality is that for it to continue growing, the next generation of fans need to be engaged.

Enter: UTS, and Gael Monfils.

Monfils is a self-declared showman and competitor on the tennis court. In his own words, “I’m one of the biggest competitors you can have, as I love to compete for anything.”

“At the same time, I really like to show,” said Monfils. “I really like to give a show… People can enjoy the heart that we try to bring on the court.”

It’s this relentless desire to transform tennis into a spectacle that makes the ATP Tour veteran a perfect ambassador for the UTS revolution.

What Fans Can Expect From Monfils at UTS Los Angeles

One thing is for sure: Gael Monfils will bring the heat in July at UTS Los Angeles.

If the traditional tennis court sees astounding feats of athleticism and showmanship from the Frenchman, then a format tailor-made for this kind of action will be sure to elicit some content for the highlight reels.

When asked what fans can expect from him at the upcoming UTS event, Monfils has made some exciting promises.

“There are three things to make you feel to come to see me at the UTS,” declares Monfils. “First thing I will say, I will try to make it as a show and quite entertaining. Second, you will see speed. Yeah, speed is a certain one. And, third one I might say… Yeah, some athletic shots might come enough.”

These are exciting words from a man who has built a reputation over the past 20 years as a firecracker of a player who can entertain crowds from Rio to Rome.

Competitors Revealed at UTS Los Angeles

UTS Los Angeles will see eight exciting names from men’s tennis competing in the first event of 2023.

The following players will be in action from 21 to 23 July:

  • “King Kyrgios” (Nick Kyrgios)
  • “Big Foe” (Frances Tiafoe)
  • “The Hotshot” (Taylor Fritz)
  • “The Bublik Enemy” (Alexander Bublik)
  • “The Mountain” (Ben Shelton)
  • “The Great Wall” (Yibing Wu)
  • “El Peque” (Diego Schwartzman)

Tickets are still available online, with over 21,000 spectators expected to be in attendance at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Los Angeles.

With three of the top American players in action, as well as the fiery presence of Nick Kyrios and Alexander Bublik, this is an event that will be sure to entertain. 

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