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“It’s kind of my alter ego” – Frances Tiafoe explains “Big Foe”

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There are few players on the ATP Tour as magnetic as Frances Tiafoe. The big-hitting American’s rise to the top 10 in the ATP rankings has been a sight to behold, with brilliant shots, laughter and entertainment by the truckload.

Now, with Frances Tiafoe named as one of the eight players that will be contesting UTS Los Angeles from 21 to 23 July this year, the 25-year-old has explained what it means to be “Big Foe.”

The origins of “Big Foe”

Those who have watched Frances Tiafoe play on the ATP Tour will likely have noticed that he goes by the moniker “Big Foe.”

Whether it’s signing a camera, the jewelry hanging around his neck or the fans shouting out his name, when Tiafoe steps onto the court, he becomes Big Foe. But where did this nickname come from?

“I had two friends growing up, and we talked about what college we would go to,” Frances Tiafoe explained recently.

“They said, “If you play for the Georgia Bulldogs, they’ll call you “Big Foe,” wooh wooh!”

“That was kind of like a funny thing, and then it just stuck.”

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“Big Foe is a lifestyle” – Tiafoe on what it means to be “Big Foe”

Frances Tiafoe explained that once the nickname “Big Foe” began to stick, he decided to channel it into something useful for his professional career.

“I was like, why don’t we just use it as kind of my alter ego?”

“When I’m out there, I’m Big Foe competing,” the 25-year-old elaborated.

“Big Foe is kind of a lifestyle thing. It’s just about doing everything you do with style, be fun out there, and be energetic. So yeah, that’s what Big Foe is.”

Tiafoe has won fans across the world with his “Big Foe” mentality, always beaming a big smile as he blasts big shots across the court. So well liked is Tiafoe, that recently he got the call up to play in the 2023 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game, marking only the second time a tennis player has featured in the match.

Fireworks await Tiafoe with all-American clash at UTS Los Angeles

Playing in the UTS Los Angeles event for the first time, Frances Tiafoe is looking forward to unleashing more of his “Big Foe” energy and entertaining the crowds.

The American will also have a real challenge on his hands, as he’s been placed in Group B, alongside a young star that is eager to face off against him.

Ben “The Mountain” Shelton has publicly declared that the one UTS match he wants to play more than anything else, is against Frances Tiafoe. With the two in the same group alongside Alexander “The Bublik Enemy” Bublik and Gael “La Monf” Monfils, this wish has come true.

The Americans will be guaranteed to meet at some stage in the first two days of UTS Los Angeles, with six matches of pool play per day across Friday and Saturday.

21st of July : Ben “The Moutain” Shelton Vs Frances “Big Foe” Tiafoe

21st of July : Frances “Big Foe” Tiafoe Vs Gaël “La Monf” Monfils

22nd of July : Frances “Big Foe” Tiafoe Vs Alexander “Bublik Enemy” Bublik

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